Stop being the product.

Hackerhub enables you to publish content online, but unlike other platforms we dont want to know anything about you. There is no registration at all, just your content, under your control.
Hackerhub caches* and distributes content - that's it.

Want to give it a try?

  1. Download the template

    Download the template profile. This is a JSON file you may edit in any plain text editor, here's how the profile looks like once it is submitted. Inside of it you'll find examples of possible content and configurations. Be sure to check the validity of your profile via e.g. jsonlint.

  2. Upload your profile

    Upload your profile anywhere you like. This may be your own server, spare webspace, github, or any other service you trust.

  3. Submit your profile

    Enter the URL to your profile here:

    That's it! Your content will be available via As soon as you delete your profile file, the site will disappear as well. If you've made changes to your profile, you may force a refresh by pointing your browser to

  4. Go nuts!

    As you can tell it may be error-prone and clumsy to edit the profile by hand all the time, so why don't you write your own backend for it, or an export script for your blog? Also you are invited to help further developing this very site on bitbucket.

    If you want to be up-to-date with upcoming changes, etc. check out the official dev-blog!

* the cache gets purged every 24 hours, so we keep the URL to your profile for as long at it is online.